The Perfect Nude Lip

Charlotte Tilbury is a woman that truly knows how to enhance a woman's beauty and this reflects in her glorious make-up line. Forget turquoise glitter and grey lipstick, these are two examples of trend products that you will not see grace her rose-gold counter. However, what you will find is a perfect selection of products that will accentuate your features and that are a dream to use (and look at).

Charlotte's Lip Cheat in 'Pillow Talk' is a lip liner that never leaves my make-up bag and that has replaced my collection of nude lipsticks. Here is why I love it.

(Excuse the cup of tea, this is a blog post conducted with a hangover)

First things first, the formula is beautiful. It is majorly creamy and glides seamlessly on to the lips meaning that you can create a soft line that is reminiscent of your natural lip line - hence the name 'lip cheat'. Pillow Talk is a shade that sums up the phrase 'my lips but better' despite the phrase itself being beyond annoying it is undoubtedly true. It is the perfect combo of pink/mauve/brown that really compliments my particular skin tone. Although, this does not mean it wouldn't suit other skin tones. It would look amazing on pale girls with a lighter shade put on the centre of the lips. Plus, on darker skin tones it would look just as great paired with a nude gloss. Take a look at a swatch.

Why buy? Despite Charlotte Tilbury being a high-end luxury brand this lip liner is priced at £16, which in my opinion is a steal. As well as being a reasonable price, there are no other lip liners like these on the market - not as creamy or blendable. It also adds to the whole effect that every time I apply it I cannot help bursting out into song, which may be influenced by a certain commercial pop artist.

Charlotte Tilbury is available in her flagship store in Covent Garden and department stores including Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.

All hail Charlotte!

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