Review: Gallinee Cleanser

Foaming cleansers seem to be a touchy subject in the beauty world and consequently have a bad reputation. Back in my teens I suffered with acne and was recommended the Clinique 3 step system, which included a foaming cleanser. After a duration of half an hour my skin was left dry, flaky and generally sore from the stripping properties of the products. Since then, alongside a general consensus that foaming cleansers are bad I have stayed clear. However, when this product landed on my doorstep my opinions were definitely swayed.

Being a balm devotee at heart it was hard for me to use anything else to cleanse my face. However, I was in need of a quick morning cleanser that I could use in the shower and that would wash my face but at the same time hydrate my skin and prepare me for the day ahead. This Gallinee Foaming Cleanser does just that. It has a subtle citrus scent to it which is invigorating and peps me up in the morning and is super quick and easy.

As you can see the cleanser comes out as a light foam that should be applied to damp skin. According to Gallinee it is 'soap free and contains 98% natural ingredients', it is also free from SLS and parabens. 

What I love...When massaged into the skin the foam begins to feel soft and creamy which means a little goes a long way and it does leave the soothing effect of a 'proper cleanse'. It also retails at £14 which puts this cleanser into a cheaper price bracket but the quality is that of a high end skincare product. I have combination skin and it does wonders for effectively cleansing it. I believe it would also be fab for those of you with oily skin as it leaves a desired 'clean' feeling (not squeaky clean) however it may not have enough moisture for those of you with dry skin. Nevertheless, I would definitely give it a go to see whether or not it suits your skin type as it appears to be a successful all-rounder. This cleanser does what it says on the tin and has become a staple in my morning skincare routine.

Gallinee is a spanking new brand to hit the beauty scene and was started by the beautiful Marie Drago, a French doctor and skincare expert. It's main message is that it takes care of the 'good' bacteria in your skin called the microbiome and nourishes the skin back to health. My conclusive opinion on this cleanser is that I love using it and it fits perfectly into my morning routine. I am excited to try more from the capsule collection and will be keeping my eyes peeled for more products!

You can grab this gem from BeautyMART located in Topshop (Oxford Circus) and online. 

What new brands are you loving? 

*Gifted for review 

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