Alpha-H: Skincare That Really Works

Us beauty junkies love nothing more than splashing out on a skincare product that claims that it will fix a multitude of sins but in reality it rarely does. Due to clever marketing and the hype that often surrounds a product it is more than easy to gently be coerced into purchasing and repurchasing something that sometimes does not even do the job that it is supposed to do. However, every now and then you come across a product or a brand that simply just works and that is why I am here to talk to you about Alpha-H.

Unlike big-budget, commercial brands Alpha-H is family run and is driven by customer satisfaction and results. Founder Michelle Doherty suffered from acne for years and longed to find something that would genuinely treat her skin, this drove her to create her own brand that contains incredible active ingredients and would improve peoples skin at a reasonable price. Alpha-H was born.

This brand loves a good dose of Glycolic Acid and as I have discovered, so does my skin. For those of you who are new to acid exfoliators Glycolic Acid is exactly that. It works by removing dead skin cells to help rejuvenate, even out the texture and appearance of the skin. As you all know, I have suffered from acne and am now left with not the prettiest scars on my cheeks. Alpha-H Liquid Gold is my hero product when it comes to helping reduce the appearance of these scars and has definitely worked its magic on my skin.

This product alone has transformed many peoples skin and is known as the brand's cult product (and for good reason). You simply squeeze a few drops on a cotton pad and swipe all over the face at night time and wake up with visibly clearer and brighter skin. I like to use this two/three times a week without following it with a moisturiser as it works as a more intense treatment that way.

The second stand out product for me is the Balancing and Pore Refining Mask. Even though my major skin concern is scarring I still get the odd hormonal blemish and this mask works a treat in eradicating them. I don't often use this all over my face, I usually use it to target certain areas (usually my chin). It contains White Clay to draw out impurities, Lavender to calm the skin and Vitamin A to treat the overall appearance. My top tip is if you have a nasty blemish appear, dab a thick layer of this on to it, leave it for half an hour and wash off! Blemish is practically no more. There are so many more products in the range that I am dying to talk to you about, so let me know if you want to know more.

Alpha-H can be found at M&S, Cult Beauty, QVC and many more.

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