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You cannot get away from fads and trends in beauty. A lot of the time they are based on marketing gimmicks and quantity appears to be more important than quality but every now and then a trend comes along and it manages to successfully hold its place on the shelf.

The subject of this blog post is the newest trend to hit the beauty scene - the cushion foundation. A trend that originated in Korea (like with most exciting and innovative beauty products) and it has slowly made its way over to the UK and as a result, I am a very happy beauty blogger. 

(Apologies for the shadows)

So, what is unique about it? The foundation itself is dispersed in a cushion and is a liquid formula. This means that the formula is more airy/light and less likely to cake. Admittedly, I'm a medium coverage type of gal so originally the lightness of cushion foundations struck up a red light for me. However, I was mistaken. The L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation is perfectly buildable. I would compare it's finish and texture to a BB/CC cream but with the ability to build up to a  medium coverage.

I am a huge fan of the L'Oreal Nude Magique collection as a whole. Their original foundation and highlighter pen are a staple in my make-up bag. This foundation holds up it's legacy, which to me is a glowy and dewy finish with great coverage and a perfect colour match. One thing I was worried about was how long the foundation would last because I wasn't sure how much product would fit in a cushion but the answer is alot. What I've found to be the best form of application is using a Beauty Blender or a complexion sponge. I think this is because the texture of the cushion and a sponge is mightily similar and blends much easier on the skin.

Why buy? It costs £14.99 which in my opinion is very cheap for such a great quality foundation. It's texture is comparable to a luxury make-up product and its glowy finish is perfect for this time of year.

*My only complaint would be that it only comes in 7 shades and the darkest shade is no way near dark enough to represent those with a darker skin tone.

What is your favourite beauty trend? 

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