Late on to the band wagon...

Now, even for me spending £17 on a tinted lip balm is a bit much. However when I spotted Clinique's infamous chubby stick on the shelf inside the August issue of Glamour Magazine, I simply could not resist. 

Taken outside of the office, I did get a few strange looks!

At first, I didn't understand the hype. When it comes to lips, I do tend to go for a bolder more intense finish, so a sheer lip balm wasn't my first pick.
However,as I've had had this beauty for nearly a month now I find myself reaching for it more and more.

Shade: woppin' watermelon

It's perfect for them days where you want to look your best but don't particularly want to put a full face of make-up on. As finding this product was a bit of a lucky dip, I didn't really have much choice on the colour. However, I hit the jack pot with this one (even better that it incorporates watermelon in the title - I'm a sucker for a cute name of a product).

The picture above is true to its colour in reality - an everyday pink shade that can be worn with any look. It is easily build-able to... 

From sheer to vibrant

I thought i'd do a cheeky swatch to illustrate the build-ability of this product, and as you can see, you can really get some good colour pay off if you layer it up!

How it looks on the lips...

How i wear the Clinique Chubby Stick on a day to day basis 
Evidently, the chubby stick has more colour pay off than I originally thought! With its easy application because of its crayon like nib, the chubby stick offers a better alternative to standard lip balms and adds a long lasting flush of colour whilst intensely moisturising your smackers!

Have you jumped on the band wagon? x

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