Let's talk about Kiko...

You may think Kiko has only come on to the beauty scene pretty recently, however it was established in 1997 and has steadily become one of the most well respected affordable brands in the industry. I suppose what is mightily appealing about Kiko is that it offers MAC style individual packaging and quality products for a Revlon price tag. We are all sometimes a little hesitant to admit that we do love a beauty bargain as a cheap pricetag is often tarnished with cheap quality but Kiko seems to most definitely break that stereotype.

Whilst on a day out in the big city, Westfield shopping centre happened to stop me in my tracks (as it always seems to do!) Unbeknownst to me, they not only stocked Kiko but it has it's own independent store in the centre, what more could a beauty blogger ask for! Anyhow, I'll stop rambling - let's get on to the product...

After hearing a bundle of reviews and comments on this 'Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation' I had no (and I mean no) choice than to buy it! As I've mentioned before, I'm what they would call a foundation hoarder. I've always suffered with problem skin, whether that be random dryness, excessive oilyness or blemishes, I haven't been blessed with the best of skins you could say. But to look on the bright side...This is what has fueled by foundation habit.

What I love about this foundation - I love the no nonsense process of this foundation. Simple, easy to read packaging, a squeezy tube for simply distribution, a light-medium texture than can be easily built upon and the semi-matte finish that it gives. I would call this an everyday, go-to. No fuss, no hastle, just does what it says on the tin (or should I say tube!)

I would compare it to the L'oreal True Match foundation as it's consistency and the finish that it gives is very similar. Just use a buffing brush to buff into the face and add layers if you would like more coverage, without it looking cakey. As a lover of mattes, I am always hesitant to use foundations that aren't stated as having a matte finish, however after using this beauty I have found otherwise. I just need to finish with a dash of powder, and I am good to go - It is a semi-matte revolution!

The price of this product is too good to be true, at £6,90 it is hard to believe that the quality of this product lives up to a high standard. But trust me, it does.

What I don't love about this foundation - As I've clearly stated, I most definitely love this foundation. However, there is one downfall. It does not appeal to light skin tones. I cannot say that there isn't a big enough colour range as there are 20 unique shades, so expectantly you would think there would be a pale shade. I am by no means excessively pale and I had to purchase the lightest shade in 'light peach' which I would compare to a NW25. So, make sure if you do opt for a Kiko foundation, to do the effective colour match test! - a swipe of foundation under the chin.

All in all, this foundation is a winner in my books. Great texture which creates a flawless and buildable base.

What are your opinions on Kiko? x

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