The £3 Eye-shadow Palette

Recently, I have become quite the bargain hunter. It has become a regular occurrence for me to be rummaging through the shelves of Boots and Superdrug to find the best bargain beauty gem. I think the thrill lies in the uncertainty of it. When you spend £30+ on an eyeshadow palette you can be certain that the quality is going to be of a high standard and that you will be able to use it again and again - predictable. However, when spending pocket money on beauty items the fun lies in the swatching to buying experience. Trusting your instincts when swatching an item in boots, parting with your money and then testing it out to see if it makes the cut.

Well, It's official. I have found a cheap eye-shadow palette that definitely lives up to expectation...

The Collection 'Eyes Uncovered' Palette 

The brand that this wonderous product comes from is one of my all time favourite drugstore brands, 'Collection'. After all the hype that originated on Youtube, I suppose I couldn't resist getting my hands on it - (You must all try their lasting perfection concealer!)

This palette will most likely appeal to all eye-shadow wearers as it contains six very wearable shades. It contains four shimmers and two mattes that can be worn either day or night - very 'naked' esc. Of course this palette comes at a minor price tag of £2.99 (once again, collection steals the show)! It makes you question the price margin of other expensive palettes that offer such a similar effect. 

More about the quality... The pigmentation is undeniable with little to no fall out because of their silky and buttery texture. Their soft texture means that they are a dream to blend with. I like to use buttercream (the second lightest shade which is also my favourite) all over the lid, with chocolate milk (the third darkest shade) blended into the crease - it creates a flawlessly natural look on the eyes which is perfect for everyday wear. Just pair with a wash of colour on the lips and you are good to go. 

Let's have a quick digressive chat about how useless the applicators are that nearly all eye-shadow palettes come with. Even from one of the most expensive brands like Chanel, they still offer you that little surprise that's waiting inside that simply comes to no use to anyone. It applies product too heavily and has no use for blending - pointless. 

Anyway, back to high praise. I genuinely have no complaints about this product, even the packaging is above average. Yes, it maybe cardboard however it has a secure magnet clasp that is great for on the go and it's rather compact which means no fuss (very much like the naked basics palette that we all love!)

The drugstore is forever lacking in terms of eye-shadow. However, I would urge you all to go and give this a nifty swatch and see what you think. At £2.99 it comes at no major loss and is great for an everyday palette. I even find myself reaching for it on a daily basis over my urban decay basics palette, therefore I believe that it has passed the ultimate test! 

What have we learnt here? - Don't always regret your 13 year old make-up decisions, go back to 'Collection' and you may find another beauty gem that's waiting to be found. 

Thank you for reading x

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