Mumsy Skincare

A brand that is often tainted with the label  'mumsy' of whom I am clearly guilty of doing so is No7. I am also guilty of some what judging it in the past as there has never been a specific product that has particularly stood out to me (especially make-up wise).

However, in true greedy daughter fashion, I spied these two skincare products on my mum's shelf (typical right - mumsy skincare living up to it's name). Nevertheless, I am here to try and urge you to not judge a book by it's cover and move over to the not so dark, 'mumsy' side.

The star of the show is without doubt the 'Beautiful Skin - Melting Gel Cleanser.' I'm a girl that is fully dedicated to her 'ultrabland' cleanser from Lush, however this product has made me deviate from the Lush path.

My favourite thing about this product is it's unique formula. It comes out of the tube as a gel (as the name would suggest) but as you massage it into damp skin it becomes an oil which works perfectly for removing tough eye make-up or a heavy duty base that has been sitting on the skin all day.

When it comes to rinsing it off with warm water, it once again changes texture. It becomes a more traditional cleansing formula that I guess I could call 'milky', which works wonders in the final step of purifying the skin.

Also, when using this product (in my opinion) there is no need to go in for another cleanse. It doesn't just remove make-up but penetrates deep enough to clear the skin of any unwanted impurities. So, go straight in with your toner and you are good to go. Plus, it will not leave you with the unwanted squeaky clean feeling on your skin. Instead, it leaves your skin feeling cleansed but slightly hydrated.

What not to forget about No7 products is that Boots often give out the £5 off vouchers. Therefore, as this product retails at £9.50, alongside the can do the math - a skincare bargain if I do say so myself.

 On to the moisturiser - a step that is important but often neglected. Quick disclaimer - if you wish to get your hands on this product, the packaging has changed, so I will insert a link in order for you to check it out for yourselves!

As part of the protect and perfect range, this 'No7 Day Cream' retails at a slightly pricey £22. However, in my opinion is definitely worth the money. How I would describe this product is the perfect everyday moisturiser. No fuss, no frills - it just does what it says on the tin.

Because this day cream has a fairly light texture it doubles up perfectly as a primer for your base - it gives your foundation something light to stick to therefore it will not only last longer but will offer a more flawless finish. Another great asset to this moisturiser (that is often overlooked and unacknowledged) is that is has an SPF 15 in it. Remember, even in the colder Winter months, protection is still needed folks, despite the grey dull skies that seem to be nailed 10 inches above our heads.

So, I confess. I have been a judgmental and ignorant beauty blogger. But, thanks to my lovely mum, my eyes (and skin) have been opened to the world of No7. Next time you happen to stumble into your local Boots, do not simply walk past the counter like I did - do not just rely on your mum for mumsy skincare, try it for yourselves!

And remember, pick up and use those vouchers that you subconsciously throw in your bag alongside your receipt and guarantee yourself some mighty good skincare for a mighty friendly price tag.

What is your opinion of No7 as a brand? x 

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