A Brow Revamp:

If you know me, you will be well aware of my brow obsession. It all began with a trip to MAC (as a lot of make-up revelations do)! I admired one of the girls incredibly sharp brows and she insisted that she would have a go on mine, which sounds crude but I promise you that it wasn't. At the time I didn't really take good care of my brows, I just used a regular pencil, filled them in a bit and that was that.

As expected the lovely MAC employee worked wonders on my brows and from then on I was hooked. Then and there I bought the products that she had used on me, the star being MAC's eyeshadow in 'Charcoal Brown.'

Since then, it has been a staple in my 'eyebrow routine' (I put that in inverted commas because it seems ridiculous to even name such a thing)! Nonetheless, as a make-up fiend does, I simply got bored. The only down side to the MAC eyeshadow is that it does wear throughout the day, nothing major, just that the lines won't be as sharp 12 hours later - no biggy.

So, a day out in London led me to the infamous Selfridges and this is where I found...

What urged me to opt for a gel? The only answer I can come up with is that I wanted to try something new. An eyeshadow had been working pretty much perfectly for me, but I was tempted by the selling point of that this eyebrow gel was water resistant - no brow faux pas in sight! 

What I love about this product? The colour! I was always aware of the importance of ashy tones in eyebrow products, there is nothing worse than having a red/auburn brow. So, when the lady told me this ashy blondey/brown colour would suit me perfectly I was basically sold. 

She proceeded to fill in my brows with the product and I immediately fell in love. The precision you can achieve with this product is outstanding. Because of the stiff texture, as long as you use a dense angled brush you can draw on each individual hair therefore creating a natural looking brow.

However, as you can probably tell, I do like a 'proper' brow you could say. This product is easily buildable and blendable but as soon as it sets, it's sets! No movement throughout the day...you can even go swimming and your brows will still be (I hate to say it) but on fleek. 

What I don't like about this product? The only negative that comes to mind is that it takes longer to apply. It is a product that needs to be warmed and worked with on the brush then on to the skin. Whereas, with an eyeshadow there's no fuss what so ever. But, as what matters here is results. With the Illamasqua gel, you do get mightily impressive results that will last all day. 

If you are after something more substantial for your brows and want to keep up with the latest beauty trends, opt for the Illamasqua 'brow gel'. 

How important are brows to you? x 

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