Poorly Day Routine

We all have those days when we aren't quite feeling up to scratch - and rightly so! It might be caused by stress build up, exhaustion or just the annoying tummy bug that is floating around the office. Either way, it is a rare opportunity to take a step back, relax and give our bodies a well deserved break.

Here are a few things I took pleasure in doing on my poorly day that perked me up! It's the small things in life, right...

First things first, a hug in a mug.

It's days like these when your regular cup of tea just won't do. If you have a coffee machine like me, make yourself an indulgent caramel hot chocolate (I have the Nescafe pods) - This should warm your insides and make you feel a little less down about the day ahead.

Slouch in your favourite PJ's...

This goes without saying but PJ bottoms are a must. There is something weirdly comforting about putting a pair of trousers on that you wouldn't dare leave the house in, it's like saying a big fat NO to the world and refusing to be a functioning part of society on that given day.

Of course, a poorly day wouldn't be complete without having a flick through a magazine or two. This one happens to be Eaux magazine, the mag I am currently interning at (a shameless plug i know) - But look how pretty it is!

Guilty pleasures

Busting out the iPod is often in result of stress. However, on a sick day it is nice to pop on your favourite guilty pleasure album. As you can see, mine is indeed Kisstory and no, I am not embarrassed about it (maybe a little) but whatever it may be, no longer make it guilty!

Take a dip

This goes without saying. If you're a bath lover like me, there is nothing better than melting your sickness away in the comfort of your own tub. But, of course there has to be an added addition...

Amazing, right? This is one of the new Lush bath bombs and it's humble name is 'The Experimenter'. As you can see it turns the water multicoloured and is filled with silver sparkle. Not only that but it also explodes with popping candy, meaning you don't have to be the energetic one! As it's packed with tonka absolute and fair trade vanilla this bath bomb is sure to leave you smelling sweet and refreshed. Make sure to soak your troubles away... 



  1. I wish I was a bath person, because that bath bomb looks amazing in the water. Personally when I'm sick I just want to roll in a ball and watch movies all day! x


    1. Ohhh you have to try it! It is beaaaautiful. I know what you mean though... Netflix and bed all the way x