The Cult Cleanser

The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil has quickly reached cult status, with thanks to the edited beauty haven BeautyMART. If you are not familiar with BeautyMART firstly where have you been!? and secondly you must go because it is like a neon packaged treasure chest filled with niche beauty products for the savvy consumer.

Inside this beauty-filled treasure chest lies the DHC Cleansing Oil and for good reason. DHC is a Japanese brand so immediately I had high expectations. This cleanser claims to be an oil that completely melts and removes traces of dirt and make-up and when mixed with water turns into a milky consistency which can easily be removed with warm water. This cleanser definitely lives up to those claims and makes removing your make-up a complete dream.

The benefits of using this cleansing oil over say a balm or a micellar water is that it is a perfect hybrid of the two. The texture of it is thick and oily enough for it to effectively remove any make-up or dirt but because it emulsifies into more of a milk it is very easy to wash off and doesn't leave an oily residue. The practicalities of this product are also a winner in my eyes. It has a pump, which is a major bonus for me as you can control how much product you dispense and because of the effortless texture of the cleanser you can bring it into the shower with you and simply rinse it off with warm water.

You can purchase this cleanser for £24 - not cheap but a fair price for the quality at BeautyMART or online. I have combination skin and if you haven't guessed already am completely in love it but drier skins would also be very thankful for this product.

I know cleansers aren't the most exciting product to grace your bathroom shelf but when it is as good as this one you can't help but reach for it as a basis for your skincare routine.

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