3 Brushes I Couldn't Live Without

When it comes to make-up brushes I will admit I do use them for almost everything! I try to resist mainly because my favourite make-up artist, Mary Greenwell nearly always refuses to succumb to a brush. However, i am a novice, so I guess I need all the help I can get (*excuses excuses*)

Real Techniques Core Collection Buffing Brush

£21.99 for Core Collection

Foundation (in my case) is the most vital step in creating a solid make-up. All of us beauty nerds wish to achieve a flawless base in which foundation is un-recognisable. This brush really does help to achieve this look. As it is a buffing brush, the synthetic bristles are extremely dense and pick up a good amount of product - allowing you to really work it into the skin. 

Not only is this brush great with foundation, but if there is any part of your make-up that needs blending and buffing, it works a treat! For example buffing in cream blusher so you do not get mistaken for Aunt Sally, is a great use for this multi purpose brush. 

If the traditional flat foundation brush does not tickle your fancy, opt for this buffing brush and it really will change your perspective on make-up brushes.

MAC 189 


All hail the MAC 189 foundation brush!

I have fallen in and out of love with this brush, but since I found out how to use it properly I am totally smitten with it. This is a great example of the classic flat foundation brush that has supposedly gone out of fashion, however I would beg to differ. 

This brush glides on foundation like no other, picking up the right amount of product to be able to literally paint your face into flawlessness (I'm not sure if I like that image!) Haha - When I fell out of love with this brush, I found myself in MAC getting my face done by one of the assistants and she used this brush, and I could not fault the results. Therefore, if you are not sure about a brush that you have spent money on it is always best to ask and to be taught how to work with the brush properly! It is definitely worth the extra effort.

At a semi-pricey £24 it is always nice to splash out on a good foundation brush as it is ultimately the base for the rest of your make-up. 

I would now go as far to say that I couldn't imagine putting my make-up on without this brush and if it ever lost its shape/bristles I would definitely re-purchase!

Real Techniques Blusher Brush


This brush came to me on a gloomy day at uni, when my bestest friend was kind enough to have bought this for me! As a massive fan of the Real Techniques range, due to my love of the beauty gurus 'pixiwoo' - I was not disappointed with this brush in the slightest. 

The brush itself is rather large and tapers towards the end to create a perfect shape to apply your blusher. However, I use this brush for almost anything, blusher, bronzer, contour and powder! 

Initially, you would think this brush is far to big to be built for applying blusher. However, Sam and Nic have broken the mold and steered me away from the MAC 116 as the tapered bristles create such a lovely, natural flush to the cheeks that smaller blush brushes simply cannot achieve. 

As a massive fan of contouring, this brush works wonders and I could not imagine applying any form of finely milled powered products without it!

Are you a make-up brush junkie? 


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