Favourite Summer Nail Polishes:

Welcome to nail polish heaven! - sometimes when considering beauty, nails seem to get left behind. So, here are my favourite summer nail polishes that I seem to be reaching for again and again.

What i'm wearing on my nails right now...

Barry M - Coconut (£3.99)
I never thought I would jump on to the white nail polish band wagon, however I think Barry M has got the balance just right with this one. Appropriate to it's name, coconut is an off white shade with a tiny hint of nude running through it. What I love about this polish is the hi-shine gelly formula - basically meaning that it is a thicker more opaque finish which requires less coats (always a bonus). Looks great with a tan and i'm sure i'll be reaching for this one throughout the rest of summer. 

Beauty Buffet - Bright coral/pink 

3 for 110 baht - £2.20

When I visited Thailand there was an abundance of cute beauty brands dotted around, including this one  - beauty buffet. I'm not going to lie the formulation is not the greatest and it does chip rather easily (which i guess reflects the ridiculously cheap price tag), however the colour of this polish cannot be ignored! Such a gorgeous bright coral that will brighten up any monochrome outfit. 

Tanya Burr - Penguin Chic

For my birthday I was thrilled when I learnt that my boyfriend of four and a half years actually listens to me! Tanya Burr is one of my favourite beauty bloggers and earlier this year she released her line of lipgloss' and polishes, and Sam bought me this one - Penguin Chic, knowing that I am a nude lover.

With such a lovely brush and formula, these nail polishes really are fantastic for their modest price tag. I simply couldn't blog about my favourite nail polishes without including a neautral or to, however un-summery they may be!

Topshop - World's End

This summer beauty is the perfect sky blue shade. With the pastel trend carrying on it also looks fab with lighter pinks/yellows and mint greens.

Topshop make-up as a whole I find very good indeed! It is reasonably priced (unlike their clothes) and delivers great results, and this polish is no exception. Other Topshop make-up that I have in my make up bag; Their 'Glow' highlighter, lipstick in 'Beguiled' and their bronzer in 'Radiance 1.' 

Revlon - Buttercup 

Talking about pastels, here's one of my all time favourite nail polishes. I've had this for over a year now and it's still going strong! At a pricier £7.99 it is more expensive then your average drugstore brand however you do end up with 'essie-like' results. 

These two polishes go together like a match made in heaven. Paint four of your nails with 'World's End' leaving your ring finger to be painted with 'Buttercup' - you will have pastel summer loveliness. 

OPI - In the Spotlight Pink

can currently find on sale for £7.95

If your nails are feeling a bit dry and brittle, OPI to the rescue! I love this soft neutral pink shade as it goes with every outfit and adds a little bit of class. Two to three coats are necessary if you end up purchasing this polish, but the extra effort is well worth it when you are left with a subtle pink shiny glow to your nails! 

I can imagine it also works wonders as a base colour when creating a classic french manicure.

So, what are your favourite summer nail polishes? 


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