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Whilst organising this blog post and getting everything together for it, I have come to realise how many products I rely on - specifically in the morning! Bodycare, haircare and skincare are all the things us beauty enthusiasts take time and effort in to perfecting, and here is what I have come up with and is currently my holy grail.

But my body my body's telling me yes...

LUSH Prince Charming - Around the £10 mark (valentines range)
Soap and Glory - Butter Yourself £10.50
Flake Away - £2.50 for travel size shown

It can be a struggle to force yourself out of bed and into the shower, however we all know it's totally worth it. These are my body/shower products that I find myself reaching for again and again.

As a LUSH addict and employee I swear by their shower products. This one, appropriately named 'prince charming' will come and rescue you from dry and tired skin. As part of their valentines range, I rightly stocked up on this wonderfully sweet shower gel due to its heavenly smell and moisturising formula, which includes grapefruit and almond oil - all to moisturise the skin leaving it feeling smooth and supple.

Now it's time for a brand that I love when it comes to all things bodycare - Soap and Glory.
 'Flake Away' and 'Butter Yourself' are my chosen body exfoliant and moisturiser that I use on a daily basis. How I like to use 'Flake Away' is to slather a thick layer on the problem areas or all over my body then proceed to wash it off gently in the shower, whilst massaging the areas of dry skin. 

When it's time to hop out of the shower, I instantly reach for 'Butter Yourself' which is a thick body butter that has Soap and Glory's signature scent. I repurchase this again and again simply because I love the thick formula and how it quickly soaks in to the skin - unlike Body Shop body butters that seem to leave an oily residue that I simply cannot get on with!

Now it's time for hair...

Gorgeous hair is the best revenge - Ivana Trump

Argan Oil Heat Defence Spray - £2.50
Macadamia Oil Shampoo and Condition - £3.99 each
Denman Classic - £6.99

Being one of those silly people that wash their hair every other day without fail, I like to take care of it and replace the oils that I am kind of stripping out of my hair... (Can not deal with greasy hair, ahhhh!)

I have recently been washing my hair with these two Macadamia Oil products, the shampoo and the conditioner. Firstly, the smell is divine - like that of a professional hair salon that just feels so lovely and luxurious and most of all leaves your hair unbelievably silky soft - I presume because of the abundance of macadamia oil that is in these products. Also, various hair oil products can be very expensive so these two paired together are super affordable if you still wish to achieve that silky smooth finish. 

Teamed with this, before applying heat to my hair I use the Argan Oil Heat Defence Spray (which also works wonders as a de-tangler!) It is obviously important to protect your hair before sizzling it with heat as it can severely dry out the hair. But even more so, this wonderous product acts as a hair treatment as it's base is natural Argan oil. We are all aware of the argan oil trend and how it has come out of the wood works as being one of the best and most effective treatments for your hair, and unlike other trends I whole heartedly believe this one to be true. 

Since ditching ordinary hair brushes and upgrading to a Denman, I can safely say I will never look back! It is pricier than other high street brushes however 100% worth the extra dosh - I like to call it the tangle teezer on a stick. It doesn't catch or tug at the hair, it eliminates tangles and knots and is brilliant for the ol' back combing - I simply cannot imagine my morning routine without this staple beauty tool.

Keep calm and love your skin

Garnier 24 hour hydrating cream - $5.99
Ocean Salt - £13.25
Breath of Fresh Air - £7.50
Angels on Bare Skin - £6.40
Cucumber eye roll on  - £1.99
As you have seen on my blog before, my love for LUSH skin care products is like no other. I believe that when I am a little old lady waking up in the morning I will still be reaching for my beloved LUSH. As a rule, I like to cleanse tone and moisturise but also like to scrub my face with Ocean Salt before hand to get rid of any dead skin, leaving a blank canvas. 

Angels on Bare Skin is my go to cleanser due to the gentle nature of it and how lovely and fresh feeling it leaves the skin - also reducing any redness and gently exfoliating. As I am probably quite lazy, 'Breath of Fresh Air' is the ideal toner, simply spray on and leave to sink in to the skin, and it really does offer that morning wake up that we all sometimes require. 

Next is my Garnier moisturiser. I switch up my moisturisers quite frequently as my skin is super temperamental. But at the moment I have gone for this little beaut - suited for combination to dry skin. I never thought this would be a moisturiser that I would purchase (due to my usual oily yucky skin!) However, recently I have been suffering with patches of dry skin, therefore happily picked this one up. It is quite a thick, heavy moisturiser but if left to sink in for the skin for 5 minutes, it really does work wonderfully - plus it hasn't made me break out once!

The final stage in my morning routine is to nourish my under eyes with a cucumber eye roll on. This is a new addition to my skin care routine as I never understood its importance. However, I was mistaken - it is so awakening and refreshing for early mornings, opening up the eye area, also preventing any under eye circles or ageing that may occur. The initial effects cannot be undermined, as the final stage of skincare it rounds things up nicely, leaving the skin feeling bright and ready to take on the day ahead.

Thanks for reading lovelies x

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