My Favourite Lush Picks:

Being a Lushy and working at Lush on and off for over a year now, I'd say I have a fairly good knowledge when it comes to all things LUSH! - returning to my favourite shop at Christmas time, I'm itching to get back amongst it all again. 

So, as I am currently enjoying a relaxed Saturday afternoon indoors (due to my pesky illness) - I thought I would show you guys a collection of my favourite LUSH products, that I (or more importantly my skin) could not imagine living without. 

Mask of Magnaminty - Face and Back Pack (£9.25 -315g) 

me looking like a crazy lady

Sold as a face and back pack, Mask of Magnaminty is my go to product whenever i face a skin meltdown. You just need to slather it all over the problem area, wherever that may be - leave for 10 minutes then scrub off with warm water. 

What's so great about it? 

With an abundance of peppermint oil, this mask is cooling and invigorating. Instantly refreshing the skin, leaving it  feeling totally revitalised. Also, this isn't just a regular face mask, as it contains ground aduki beans that are dispersed throughout the product, it doubles as a facial exfoliator! - This means whilst cleansing your skin and giving it a darn good clear out, you are also removing all that dry skin. I use this product maybe three times a week before i go to bed, followed by a toner and moisturiser to replenish the skin overnight!

Angles on Bare Skin - Fresh Facial Cleanser (£6.40 - 100g)

Meet my everyday cleanser, Angels on Bare Skin. If you're not used to Lush's ethos and the way they do things, the texture of this product may initially scare you a little. However, not to fear - once mixed with warm water it turns into a soft milky texture which makes it easy to slather on the face (see below)

As you can see, as soon as this product is mixed with a little warm water it transforms into a milky texture that we are somewhat used to. 

Why it is my go to cleaner? 

As a young adult who is into skin care, drugstore brands such as Neutrogena, Clean and Clear and Simple seem to be what is mainly recommended for our skin. However, as they are riddled with harsh chemicals that aren't easily recognisable it makes more sense to me to go au naturel! 

With main ingredients including lavender oil and rose absolute it is perfect for reducing redness as well as calming the skin. It even has Lavender flowers mixed into it, acting as a natural scrubber! I believe I will always go back to this cleanser due to its soft and calming effects that I simply cannot find in any other product.

Ocean Salt - Facial Scrub (£13.25 - 250g) 

As a favourite amongst all Lushies and Lush enthusiasts, this all natural facial exfoliator is perfect for those tiresome days when you just need a good ol' scrub. 

Made mostly from finely grounded sea salt, this natural scrub will steer you away from silicon beads and will enlighten you with the power of natural ingredients. 

Fresh organic lime juice extracted in vodka is the ultimate refreshment for your face, brightening it as well as cleansing it. Well worth the money, it is the best exfoliator I have ever tried, gently scrubbing the skin leaving it feeling fresh and invigorted.

The texture of Ocean Salt when it reaches the skin
Not only is this product great for your face but can work just as well on your body also. Use in dry or dull areas and wash off in the shower, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. 

BIG  Sea Salt Shampoo - (£11.95 - 330g) 

me taking a low angle shot to emphasise it's 'big' impact

Big hair is a crucial part of how I like to look. Back-combing, heated rollers and too much hairspray are all steps in which I take to achieve voluminous hair. But, surely it makes more sense to begin this process the minute you wash your hair - introducing Lush's unique sea salt shampoo. 

As you can see, I have nearly finished my third tub of this beauty. It's texture is much like that of Ocean Salt, because of its grainy consistency. However, this shampoo is mainly made up of coarse sea salt, therefore giving that 'just came out of the sea looking a hot mess look' - which I actually rather love!

I would definitely recommend shampooing twice with this product, and from personal experience I would say there is no need to use a conditioner (unless your hair needs some TLC) because of the number of essential oils that leave your hair feeling nourished.

A Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water - (£7.50 - 250g)

This toner water is perfect for you lazy individuals like me. An indeed 'breath of fresh air' for your skin that should follow your cleanser and be used before your moisturiser. 

The key ingredient in this product is fresh sea water, sourced by our own Pete in Poole, Dorset - making it high in mineral content and perfect for tired/dull skin. 

My favourite way to use this product however is to spritz my face with it half way through the day, allowing it to refresh my make up and awaken the skin! Also fab for long haul flights to tackle that cabin pressure.

Sea Spray Hair Mist - (£9.95 - 100g) 

the cuteness of this bottle gets me everytime
You can probably tell by now that I am obsessed with products that contain salt in them. This is a perfect finishing spray to create surfer beach waves that last all day. 

Unlike other hair mists that leave your hair feeling dry and crispy, this has a number of oils within it to really help keep the hair nourished whilst still giving that tussled effect. 

I love using it when creating a messy bun to add volume and structure...

So, there's a few of my favourite picks from Lush, that will forever be in my skin/hair care routine - I could go on and on but maybe that calls for another post...

Why not come over to the natural side?

Muaha x

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