Wilko Make-Up Brushes

This post is all about brushes on a budget and a new wondrous discovery - Wilko brushes! Yes that's right, Wilko sell make-up brushes and pretty decent ones at that. All ranging from about £5, this proves that you do not have to be on a major budget to afford the luxury of a make up brush.

I have three of my favourites to show you, so here goes...

1. Premium Eye Make-up Smudger Brush

No girl can have enough eye shadow brushes - lining, smudging, blending, you name it there's always that certain brush that achieves that certain look. However, this one can nearly perform all three. Not so designed for lining, but it's great if you want that smokey look at the lash line, simply apply your regular liquid liner and smudge it out with this and you'll achieve a dark and sultry effect. Also, it's great at blending through the crease to create definition and its slightly tapered so is perfect to smudge under the lash line - a good all rounder that should be in any girls make up bag.

2. Premium Stippler Brush

By now you've probably figured that the packaging is much like the ever so popular 'Real Techniques' brushes, but if you can get past the marketing ploy, you will be able to purchase a perfectly good stippling brush for a minor £4. With duo-fibre bristles it is perfect to create a light coverage foundation look as well as applying cream blushers. The brush is not dense at all therefore it applies the product seamlessly and you'll have no fear of looking heavily 'done-up' or cakey. 

What's also great about these brushes (other than their price tag) is that they can be washed over and over again with no fall out - and you will not end up with stray bristles left on top of or sticking to your foundation. For cheap make-up brushes, this could almost be a break through!

3.  Premium Eye-Liner Brush 

This little beauty was a purchase from my fellow flat mate which I thought I would include as she also has a high opinion of the Wilko brushes. Perfect for precision eyeliner and that often desired cat eye look. The bristles are stiff and are suitable for a defined line, so ditch the smudging brush and go for that 1950's glamour! What more can I say? At £3 this brush really is a winner in my books. Simple, does what it's supposed to do and is at a student friendly price tag. 

Thanks for popping by.

What other bargain brush brands would you recommend? x 

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