MAC Lipstick Dupes

MAC lipsticks are without doubt a girl's best friend. However, whether you are on a student budget or simply cannot justify spending £15.50 on a lipstick, then I am here to offer up some cheaper alternatives - otherwise known in the beauty world as 'dupes.' 

Firstly, a lipstick that is so on point right now that has been highly requested is the one and only 'Velvet Teddy'. A glorious nude matte lipstick that flatters almost every skin tone. 

It is utterly stunning, however I have found a cheaper duplicate that can achieve the same look, the rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in '03.' Let's take a look at a swatch to compare the texture and pigmentation...

An instant match, right? The Kate Moss lipstick is available on the high street and costs a lot less than half of the price at £5.49. It's formula is very similar, yet isn't fully matte - a kind of semi-matte finish. However, it can be made completely matte by simply dabbing a hint of powder on to the lip and there you have it , a fully matte nude lip for a fraction of the price.

When you're feeling chipper and bright in these dull winter months, a vibrant lipstick is the answer (whatever the question). MAC's 'Good to Go' is a perfect reddy/orange that pairs wonderfully with pale skin (perfect for the winter, as the luxury of a tan is almost definitely denied). 

As you can see, the match I have chosen is a near on exact match and is priced at an incredible £2.99! This beauty comes from the vast range offered to us by 'Collection' (previously named Collection 2000) and is available in all Boots and Superdrugs. Surprisingly, the formula is intensely moisturising and long lasting which is perfectly suited to dry lips - which can often occur at this time of the year. 

In comparison to the MAC lipstick in 'Good to go' the colour pay off is very similar and looks much a like on the lips. I'd say that the Collection lipstick has more of a pinky undertone whereas the MAC one has more of a orangey undertone, however this is almost absent on the lips and creates a very similar look.

I thought I'd give you a couple of comparison picture so you can see it for your lovely selves. 

See, it is possible to bag yourself a great quality lipstick without having to spend a minor fortune. 

To finish things off, I've got one of my favourite MAC lipsticks of the moment 'Cosmo'. Before purchasing I had never heard any hype surrounding this product and was a complete stranger to it myself. However, when I saw it on the lips, I simply couldn't resist. 

But once again I have found a pretty good dupe that will satisfy all your cosmo needs. It is the Revlon lip butter in 'Pink Truffle' (£7.99). First popular a few years ago, these lip butters really hit the beauty scene like a storm. With great moisturising qualities paired up with some really lovely shades, these lipsticks went down a treat - and still are (for me) a staple in a girls make-up bag. 

Another one of my sultry lip pictures for you all (i'm kidding) - but as you can see they achieve the same 'your lips but better' look but still adding moisture to the lips. 

Admittedly, the lip butter does create more of a sheen than the MAC lipstick because it is after all a hybrid between a lipstick and a balm. Nevertheless I thought I would show you how you can still achieve the perfect mauve lip without having to spend too much money.  

Thanks for popping by x

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