Burgundy Eyes

We all are lovers of the smokey eye. But if you're like me and prefer warmer tones rather than cool greys, whites and silvers then red toned shadows might be the way to go. I am aware that the immediate reaction to wearing red on the eye is either that it will look like the aftermath of a heavy night out or that we have an eye infection. However, that simply isn't the case (if done right!) 

One day I found myself scrolling through the Mac website and came across the 'Burgundy Times Nine' palette. As you probably guessed it is a pretty self-explanatory make-up product and has nine red toned shadows but with different undertones- (light champagnes, taupes & bronzes). As it was my birthday I asked the boyfriend to pick it up for me and the rest is history...

I'm kidding, but the palette really is amazing. Take a look for yourselves...

Top Left to Bottom Right: Honey Lust: Poppy Seed: Quarry: Antiqued: Embark: #Noir: Haux: Star Violet: Sketch

I feel like as make-up wearers we are constantly bombarded with unofficial rules, especially regarding seasons. You should't wear a dark lip in spring time, heavy foundations are only suitable in the winter and how dare we wear a smokey  eye in summer! But, I defy this. As long as we feel comfortable and confident in what make-up we are wearing, who gives a flying hoot!?

This palette, as you would expect is glorious. The quality of MAC shadows is like no other and are 100% worth the price. The shadow that surprised me was 'Honey Lust' the glittery champagne colour in the top left of the palette. This shade just looked like any other inner corner highlight in the pan but when I applied it all over the lid, wow! I also love 'Antiqued' the particularly red/coppery shade, it literally looks like brushed metal on the eyes.

How I wear this palette... Apply Honey Lust all over the lid, focusing on the inner corners. Then I use Quarry as a transition shade in the crease followed by Haux. I go back all over the lid with Antiqued and then darken the crease with Sketch. A little dust of #Noir in the outer corner also doesn't hurt! I proceed to go under the eye with Antiqued first then focus more of Sketch in the outer corner of the water line. Done, and somewhat dusted! 

Why I love burgundy eyes? I am a bronze fiend. Bronzed face, bronzed body and consequently bronzed eyes. I think it brings light and awakeness to the face - not only that, but it's damn right sexy! I also think the red tones compliment my brown eyes, especially when I drag Antiqued across my bottom water line and smoke it out (always do this before your mascara, otherwise it will look half hearted!)

What is your favourite eye combo? x 

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