Prep and Powder

What I have learnt about make-up is that little finishing touches often make the biggest difference. Whether it's a mattifying primer or a swipe of brow gel, it's the added extras that more often than not finish and perfect a look.

Here are my current personal favourites that really add that suttin' suttin'...

Beauty Balm

This is such an underrated product. We all know Urban Decay for it's Naked palettes and their crazy eye colours, but have you ventured into any other products in the Naked range? Me neither, before trying out the concealer (which is incredible by the way) and this little gem, the beauty balm!

I've already mentioned it on the blog so I won't harp on about it. But, it does deserve l word or two (maybe three). As a product the Beauty Balm is what I would like to call, an all rounder. At the make-up counter I was told that it is supposed to be worn as a tinted moisturiser, to give the skin a tint of colour and a perfected base. But, as I am a full coverage girl through and through, using the product this way simply didn't work for me. 

I like to use it as a primer. A primer with a tint, weird? I know! But, it works like a dream. The sheer amount of colour that this product does have makes you look like you are glowing from within and it magically blurs my pores. Admittedly, I have large pores around and on my nose and the beauty  balm does a great job of blurring them and creating a smooth layer for my regular foundation to sit on top of. 

They say, failing to prepare is preparing to fail and that is a perfect analogy when describing the effects of this product. It ensures that my foundation stays put all day and adds that inner glow without having to use a bucket load of highlighter! 

*Travel Size £9 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder 'Luminous Light'

It's a big statement but I would confess to this being the beauty steal of the year for me. Be prepared, this product isn't cheap and rightly so! The quality is undeniable. The powder is so finely milled that it isn't detectable on the skin and the glow it gives really cannot be compared with anything else. 

The first time I used this powder I was blown away. It is like no other powder, in that I  mean it sets your foundation, casts away any oil but leaves you with a glowy finish that blurs any imperfections that you may have. Hourglass offer a variety of shades but I opted for 'Luminous Light' as it was the one that personally stood out to me. I would say it has a champagne hue with undertones of peach, perfect for us pale girls. But, it would also look amazing on darker skin tones as a cheek highlight. 

If you're willing to fork out £38 for a face powder (no ordinary face powder I may add) then definitely take a sneak peak on Space NK - it is the perfect finishing touch to any make-up look.

Prep or powder? Or both? x

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