The Highlighter of the Moment: Worth the Hype?

If you have come across anything make-up related in the past few months, you have probably seen this product plastered all over social media. But, why? And is it worth the hype?

The Mary-Lou Manizer by TheBalm

This is a classic example of a product outshining the brand. Often, a product can become 'cult' status worthy without the brand being universally recognised. Why? It could be down to the undoubtable quality of the product, unusual packaging that is more engaging or it can simply be the result of clever marketing.

The Mary-Lou Manizer is a great product. But, it is hard for me to pinpoint whether or not it is worth the hype. I seem to be bucking the trend here, but maybe I am just a little used to champagne highlighters that pretty much do the same job.

Let's look at some swatches...

Let me just state the obvious. All three products are more on the pricey side. But, I thought as the Mary-Lou Manizer is up there in terms of price point I would only include highlighters that are comparable in that sense! And they are exactly that, highly comparable - almost identical in fact.

All three highlighters are extremely pearlescent and have a champagne undertone. If we are going to be picky (in true blogger fashion) then Soft and Gentle has more of a pinky hue and the Charlotte Tilbury is more bronze toned (which looks beautiful if you have tan!) but nevertheless they are all very similar in tone as well as the colour pay off on the skin. 

What I love... I will say this, when blended, the Mary-Lou Manizer is pretty much undetectable, leaving you with that lit from within look. It also works great as an underbrow highlight because the glitter in it is extremely fine. Plus, it is the cheapest out of the three at £17.50. To maximise its full potential, use with a fan brush lightly on top of the cheekbones to get that, dare I say it...'on fleek' look.

So, I'll ask myself (and you) again, is it worth the hype? Yes, in that it is a great product and does the job well, but it isn't particularly ground breaking and maybe we should give some other highlighters a word or two (stay tuned)! 

If you've tried the Mary-Lou Manizer, I'd love to know your thoughts... 


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