Hydration: Skincare Saviour

Sunday Riley has hit the beauty scene by storm with their decadent packaging, high-tech formulas and effortless simplicity. With a small selection of facial oils and the odd cleanser, the brand puts their all into the production of these pocket-sized vials of skincare goodness and in my opinion for good reason. I was gifted the 'Luna Sleeping Night Oil' and after hearing all the hype surrounding this particular product needless to say I was excited to try it.

The first thing to address is the stark colour of the oil. It is bright blue due to the Blue Tansy that is within its list of ingredients however it isn't an issue. As this oil is supposed to be used for night-time use only the slight blue tinge shouldn't be a problem (don't worry, you're not going to look like a human smurf)! Here is a swatch:

If you can get over the colour of this product, which you definitely should, its effects are brilliant. Hydration is what Luna has helped me with as the name of this post would suggest but it has also helped with the acne scarring on my cheeks. For all of you acne sufferers that are wary of putting oils on to your face, don't be! They are great for counteracting your oil production and more often than not give you astounding benefits.

There is no getting away from the fact that this product is pricey. It is £85 for 30ml. Yes, I know but if you would spend £85 on a handbag or a piece of clothing then why not? As Caroline Hirons points out, you only have one face. If this is in your budget then I would highly recommend it.

Why I love this product - I always struggle with night time hydration. My normal day time moisturiser is not heavy enough to warrant a 'night cream' and products that are marketed as 'night creams' are never normally thick enough anyway. This is when I turned to an oil. The benefits of an oil is that it will retain moisture better and will overall be more nourishing (on the whole). This one changed the appearance of my skin in a matter of days. When I put this on at night time, the next morning I wake up with visibly more hydrated skin and with a natural looking 'glow'.

Previously when putting on foundation it was always hit and miss. Because I am naturally dehydrated, foundation would go on patchy or if I used a decent moisturiser before hand it would inevitably slip off my skin. However, since injecting this beauty into my night time skincare routine my skin is noticeably more hydrated and has solved this issue.

Why I decided to write a spontaneous Sunday post on Luna is its latest debut in the Lily and Anna Cult Beauty Box - how exciting! Luna features in the box, which categorises it as one of the bloggers favourite ever skin care products. It is also a 10/10 all rounder. Whether you are dry or oily a lot of people suffer with dehydrated skin due to a number of environmental conditions. This means, if you are looking for a product to resurface your skin (it contains retinol) or to simply give you that much-needed glow back then this might jump straight to the top of your beauty lust list.

What hydrates your skin?

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