Lip-Stick Storage

As I am a self-confessed lip-stick fiend and probably own far too many , I thought it was about time to organise them properly. Amazon (as always) is my first port of call for storage items, and once again it didn't fail in offering up the goods.

But first, lets take a look at the way I was storing my lipsticks before hand...

As you can see, there was pretty much no storage in place at all! If i wanted to find a specific lipstick, I had to hunt around for it, eventually (after messing up my lipstick bag) I would find it in a not-so-pretty state, and to be honest it was just unnecessary hassle that could have been avoided.

Now however - it looks a lil' something like this...

Not only is this little contraption a life-saver for organisation purposes but it came at a minute price tag. Shipped all the way from Hong Kong (as a lot of the beauty supplies are on Amazon) is cost me a measly £2.72 plus p+p... what a bargain!

I think it even adds a special touch to my vanity, show casing some of my lipsticks that I wear on a day to day basis - Also, another bonus is that it can fit taller lip products in it such as chubby sticks and lip glosses, therefore if you're more of a gloss gal, this snazzy item will work for you to.

Do you want to become more organised with your beauty? 

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