Maybelline Colour Tattoo: Metallic Pomegranate

I have loved the Maybelline colour tattoo's ever since they were originally released. So, when i saw this new addition to the collection, I once again could not resist...

Metallic Pomegranate - £4.99

The quality of these cream eyeshadows compared to the price is simply extraordinary. It is usually unheard of to find a cream shadow on the high street anyway, but for it to be this damn good it is a must-have beauty buy. 
I'd been eyeing this one up since it had arrived in my local Boots- as I am a massive fan of 'Permanent taupe' and 'On and on bronze'. I think it was the purple/cranberry undertone of this shadow that really made me fall in love with it. 

What's not to love? - a gorgeous cranberry cream shadow that glides on like a dream and adds a bit of gold sparkle to the eye! A little bit different from the creams and browns. 

How I like to wear this is all over the lid, applied with my finger (it can get a bit messy with a brush) as well as it being swept across the lower lash line for that extra smokiness *oh lala*

I love how it makes my brown eyes stand out and adds a dark smoulder. 

Side note: I am in the process of growing out my brows, so ignore the multiple strays that are on show. 

Anyways, I have nothing negative to say about this product. The price, the quality, the easiness and the overall appearance of it cannot be faulted. It also does what it says on the tin, it does indeed last for a hell of a long time, it also cannot be taken off easily with regular make-up remover - eye make up remover works a treat though. 

For a little extra something...

Mac shadow in 'A Dashing Lassie' 

We all go weak at the knees for a lil' highlighting and contouring, and a little trick for the eyes is to apply a light highlight shade right in the centre of the lid - which will make the eye pop! For this I used my well loved MAC eyeshadow palette that I wouldn't be without, specifically the off white sparkly shade called 'A Dashing Lassie' - but any shade similar to this one will still work wonders. 

I guess I have to wrap it up... Overall this product is well worth the minor price tag and has successfully steered me away from the numerous neutrals I own and pushed me to try something a little different... and I whole-heartedly suggest you should give it a go to. 

What's your favourite Maybelline Colour Tattoo shade? x

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