Unexpected Beauty Steals

Sorry for the post delay, but hopefully you lovely people will forgive me as I have a few beauty steals to share with you. We often don't think of beauty items when it comes to sales and discount stores, however I have recently been delving into them and have discovered a new way of shopping beauty on a budget...

So, on a dull and grey mid-week afternoon I find myself in B&M shopping for uni bits and bobs, and I happen to stumble across their 'make-up' section. If you are not familiar with B&M it is simply a store that sells anything and everything - not one that would struck you as selling any beauty item of interest. 

However... never judge a book by it's cover ey?

Rimmel London Maxi Bronzer - Sun Star

Firstly, look at the size of this thing! It's huge! (more product the better I say) - But, what drew me to this was my constant lust over the Marc Jacobs bronzer that looks very similar and is consequently 20 times the price. 

As you can see, this bronzer is very much a matte finish but has an almost un-seeable shimmer running through it that is invisible on the skin. It's velvety texture makes for the most natural contour, and simply works a treat when trying to put a bit of colour back into the skin. 

Rimmel London 60 Second Polish - 'Little Bo Peep' 

sincerely sorry for the chipped nails, bad blogger alert

Evidently Rimmel is a popular line of beauty that B&M stock, and is highly credited as a drugstore brand in my opinion (especially their polishes, as they can last such a long time) Originally this nail varnish would retail at around £4, but I managed to nab it at a discounted price of 50p! So, if you happen to be browsing in B&M, take a stroll down the beauty aisle and you never know what you might be able to pick up. Other brands I spotted included, Barry M, Revlon and Maybelline.

Take a trip down to T K Maxx... 

My favourite shop at the moment, all hail T K Maxx. Since slowly trying to re vamp my wardrobe and replacing cheaper pieces for more expensive, sometimes designer items, T K Maxx has been my go to shop, always offering a beauty/fashion steal. 

So once again, I took a stroll down the beauty aisle...

I On Beauty - Angle Blush Brush

RRP £10.99 - paid £3.99
As my father nicely put it, this brush is as soft as a badger's ass. Lovely. 

But, the old man doesn't lie. This brush is really a treat for the face, with super soft, dense bristles it applies powder perfectly, getting right into the contours of the face. 

As the price tag was some what low I was initially sceptical, however conforming to the rebellion within me, I opened the packaging as I wanted to make sure I wasn't just buying it for the sake of it's aesthetic. Low and behold, I purchased immediately, and would highly recommend checking out the i on beauty geo-friendly range. 

Orly - 'Coachella Dweller' 

RRP £9.99 - Paid £2.99

Not much to say about this beauty steal, other than look at that amazing colour! Orly is most definitely one of my favourite nail polish brands and is highly underrated in my opinion, so when I spotted this on the shelf I couldn't resist for a measly £2.99! Other nail polish brands that T K Maxx stock are Revlon, Ciate, OPI and Nails Inc, all at a majorly discounted *and student friendly* price!

Revlon Cream Blush - Rosy Glow

I have an admitted love/hate relationship with cream blushes, as I preferably go for a matte finish. However, I have succumb to this little sucker with all it's natural glowiness ever since I laid eyes on it...

now discontinued - ebay £7.99 

And what was the price to be paid? £2.99! 

QUICK TIP: I have recently learnt never to mix formulas, therefore all liquid/cream products should be applied together, the same goes with powders. Therefore, apply foundation, then blush then powder - it makes for a much more healthy, natural glow.

So, next time you pop into a discount store don't just walk past the beauty aisle, give it a look and you may find an unexpected beauty steal.

What's your favourite discount store? x

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