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Just to warn you guys, this might come across as a written shrine to one of my favourite beauty editors and might be a little gushy, so if you're not into that kind of thing, I'll encourage you not to read on. But, if you are interested in all things beauty and are wanting to take some tips from one of the most knowledgeable females in the business.. this post may be for you. 

So, who is Sali Hughes you may ask? She is the highly acclaimed beauty editor of the Guardian and has been a beauty fiend ever since she can remember. A girl close to my heart, she is never afraid to write something unconventional or that may not be received with 100% agreement - basically, giving us beauty without the BS.

Clearly, her no nonsense approach has translated to her book title, 'Pretty Honest' which does indeed unveil truths about all things beauty. Everything from, how to pick the right foundation to her favourite ever beauty icons - there is something in the book for everyone.

Above is Sali's chapter entirely dedicated to foundation. It describes how to pick the right foundation for you and also how to test the right shade. I specifically bookmarked this chapter because of its importance to me personally. Foundation has always been the most vital step in make-up for me as I have never been graced with perfect skin, yet I still strive for flawlessness. Sali's best tip was to test a foundation on the bottom side of your face, although we are always told to test it on our necks, this  doesn't actually represent the true colour or skintone of our skin.

My favourite pages...

I love this page for many a reason. It addresses an issue that is very close to my heart as well as quoting one of my favourite people in history, Kurt Cobain. 

I say it's close to my heart, yet I have never actually suffered with real or 'proper' acne, I've always just had general issues with my skin, always suffering from the odd blemish (or a few). What I love about this chapter is Sali's direct response to Acne, she doesn't treat it as an 'ugly condition' just an issue that you can easily fix (whether that be general remedies or having to venture to the doctors for a course of 'spot pills')

What a brilliant way to sub-title such a sensitive subject, 'Zits are beauty marks.' Sali and Kurt are both right, imperfections aren't all bad and can be easily concealed with the right products. 

Iconic Beauties 

My third and final chapter I will be sharing for now is Sali's picks of iconic beauties. When exploring all things beauty it is important to remember those who have paved the way for us all. Beauties such as Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Collins that have that sense of indestructible beauty are certainly woman to look up to, creating the looks that we all now hope to re-create such as the red lip or winged liner. (I also think that red nails are immensely appropriate for this picture) I hope you agree. 

So, all hail Sali Hughes - the woman that knows all. 

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