A Cheap But Great Primer

On the hunt for a make-up primer? 

A new revelation for me is that there is no need to spend £20+ on a primer, which is a mistake I made a few months back when purchasing Benefit's 'Porefessional'. As a base for make-up, yes it's a good product, but in terms of softening the appearance of pores and making your make-up last longer, I really didn't see a difference - and after forking out £24.50 I wasn't too impressed.

However, after stumbling across one of Sali Hughes all knowledgable blog posts concerning products for dehydrated skin, I discovered this gem. 

Recently, I have come to face the hard fact that my skin is indeed dehydrated and is most of the time begging for moisture. Don't be mistaken, dry skin is not the same as being dehydrated, I have an oily T zone yet am still affected by the dullness of dehydration, and still need to use a semi-mattifying foundation. 

For me, this product is a two in one - a light but effective moisturiser as well as a smoothing primer that works fantastically under any liquid base. The texture is very gel like, due to the high amounts of glycerin in it, which is a famously great ingredient when it comes to tackling dehydrated skin. Because of it's gel like consistency it's super easy to smooth over the face and not only that, but it sinks into the skin almost straight away, not leaving you pondering whilst you're waiting to apply your make-up.

It's almost impossible to talk about this product without mentioning the astonishing price of it. At a ridiculous £4.99, Nivea has managed to create a wonderfully effectie primer that supersedes brands such as Benefit at a quarter of the price. 

If you're looking for something to even out the appearance of your pores, hydrate your skin as well as making your make-up last the whole day, pick this up in your local Boots and i'm sure you'll ditch those high-end primers that have always been a disappointment. 

What's your opinion on make-up primers? x

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