A Mascara That Is '2 Good 2 Be True'

Excuse my paraphrasing! It isn't poor grammar (I promise), it is to emphasise the shock and pleasure of my most recent discovery, the  '2true - Wow' mascara. 

£3! Yes, £3 - let's look at the results...

For a girl who has always suffered with short, limp and simply non- existent eye lashes, the above picture is pretty much as good as it's going to get. 

The Back Story - So, around Christmas time I finally purchased the much wanted Lancome 'Doll Eyes' mascara. At a hefty price of £22.50, this was supposed to be an investment buy (even though your mascara is only supposed to last up to 3 months max - silly me!) Anyway, I began to use it everyday and rather enjoyed it, it coated all of my lashes and added length and volume. However, one day whilst browsing the interweb  I stumbled upon the Youtuber 'TalkBeckyTalk' and listened to her rave about the 2True 'Wow' mascara. 

What made me buy this product is simple, the price tag! I was so intrigued by a £3 mascara that had been claimed to do all the things high end mascaras can do. Alas, the beauty blogger inside me couldn't resist. 

Admittedly, the luminous pink packaging is predictable and feels like the it's going to fall apart any second. But, what matters is the product inside, and this is why I am officially converted to cheap mascaras.

With a long dense brush made out of flexo elastic bristles, the wand really grabs on to the lashes at the root and extends them to their maximum potential. Plus, as the name would suggest, it also adds intense volume whilst still coating every lash - It is also handy for the bottom lashes as the wand isn't too thick, therefore you won't need to worry about any eye-poking catastrophes!

I can honestly say (with only a minor ounce of hesitation) that this drugstore mascara that comes from an almost unheard of brand and costs £3 is just as good, maybe even better, than my luxurious Lancome mascara that set me back £20 - I know, a big claim right! But seriously, if you get the chance and your local Superdrugs stocks '2true', then hurry and get your hands on this bargain beauty buy. 

What's your favourite drugstore mascara?x

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