Charlotte Tilbury: Film-Star Bronze & Glow

Welcome to the blog post in which I display my new found love - that has become one of the most precious beauty products that I own.

Low and behold ...

Charlotte Tilbury. For those of you that have not yet heard of this wonderful lady, she is a top  make-up artist that has been in the business for years whose high acclaim is to make woman feel sexy, beautiful and everything in between - you might of heard of the 'Charlotte Tilbury Eye' , which is the epitome of the golden goddess. 

She has in the last year brought out her own high-end make-up line, and it has frankly become my favourite brand currently on the market. Yes, it is expensive but the quality is like no other, whilst the luxurious rose gold packaging is simply a bonus.

As it was approaching Christmas time, and my poor state as a student was looming over me, I asked my family if they would be kind enough to make this beauty one of the pressies under the tree. Tilbury's Bronze and Glow is something I've been lusting over for months now, but because of it's hefty price tag I've always put it off, however now I have it I don't think I could be without it.

And here's why...

What a thing of beauty, ey? The sculpt shade is what has really stolen my heart. The perfect blend of warm and cool tones with a subtle hint of pearl. Not only great as a contour (what I wanted it's desired effect to be) but great as an overall bronzer and mighty pretty as a crease colour!

Contouring is something I love but have found difficult finding the right product for the job. Products either seem to be too grey-toned so you look like you  have been painted with two muddy stripes, or conversely the product seems to be too orangey therefore you end up looking like the classic 'you've been tangoed'! (which has never been a good look). Charlotte Tilbury has finally hit the nail on the head and has created this subtle bronzed perfection in which gives you carved cheekbones whilst at the same time putting colour back into the face, giving you that healthy sun-kissed (but sexy) glow.

Now, for the highlight. Wow - Tilbury describes it as dripping candelight on to the skin, and I'd say without the overly romantic comparative, she isn't far wrong. Like the contour shade, it is a perfect combination between cool and warm, making it look like you are lit from within - apply on the tops of the cheekbones and under the brow bone, and once again it doubles as a fabulous eyeshadow for all over the lid.

If you're wanting to splash the cash on a beauty item that will soon become a staple, delve into the world of Charlotte Tilbury, and you won't revert to the drugstore again.

How important is highlighting and contouring to you?x

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