Lush Valentine's Picks

As a Lush employee but most importantly a self confessed addict, I become overexcited when their limited edition holiday ranges appear. So, as Valentine's day is approaching, Lush have launched an array of products that, whether you are single or not, will certainly tickle your taste buds.

Here are three of my favourites from the line...

1. 'Unicorn Horn'

The one that has been flooding my instagram feed lately, and rightly so - is the ever so popular 'unicorn horn.'  This one is a bubble bar. Right, lets distinguish shall we. A bubble bar is theoretically solid bubble bath, you crumble it under the running water and it will create lavish bubbles and make your bath turn into a glittery colourful fun fest. A ballistic/bath bomb on the other hand is for one time use - you know the ones... the ones that you pop into the bath and leave to fizz away slowly. 

Anyway, as I was saying... the unicorn horn has been a hit! It has a sweet lavendery scent, but as I say with all Lush products you must go in store and check them out for yourselves. If you want something relaxing yet fun, opt for this one - and an extra bonus, it will look spectacular in your bathroom!

2. 'The Kiss' Lip Scrub

Lush are most definitely known (other than for their bath bombs of course) for their infamous bubblegum lip scrub. I would say this little beauty takes it a step further. The smell isn't as sickly sweet, as the consistency is made up of caster sugar as well as sea salt so you won't be overwhelmed by the sweetness. As far as function and practicality go, it works a treat. Especially this time of year some of us are still suffering with dry lips, so if you apply some of this and then lather your lips with lip balm straight afterwards, you will have kissable lips in no time. 

3. 'Floating Flower' Bath Ballistic

I suppose it's time to mention a bath bomb. As soon as I knew this bomb was packed full of jasmine and ylang ylang I knew it would be the one for me. It is also visually appealing, not just in its solid form, but especially when you get it into the water. 

(I'm terribly sorry for the more lighting, my bathroom at night is not the best.) However, you can see the array of colours that this ballistic releases - alongside its uplifting smell, this really is a winner in my books. 

If you wish to see any of the Lush products in more detail. On the website they feature in depth ingredients lists, visual demo's and of course the prices of everything I have mentioned in this post. 

But of course, as is the case with all Lush products. Go in, have a browse and a sniff and see what tickles your fancy. 

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?x

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