The Best Drugstore Foundation

Firstly, sincerest apologies for the extra large image of my face. However, it's to ultimately 'show off' my new favourite foundation, that happens to come from the drugstore. My foundation history is pretty long and promiscuous. I never seem to stick to one foundation as I have yet to find the perfect one. After years of drugstore rummaging, I resorted to high-end, opting for foundations from MAC, Clinique, Dior and many more. Do not get me wrong, I adore those foundations as they create such a flawless base, nonetheless it is hard to forget the hefty price tag.

Being a self-confessed beauty addict, and more specifically a foundation addict (I've always suffered with problem skin, therefore finding every reason to hide it) I am constantly trying out different bases in order to find the perfect one for me - and hopefully some of you to!

So, in the midst of one of my drugstore dashes I happened to stumble across this one, which happens to be the best drugstore foundation I have tried/used to date.

Bourjois - '123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream'

As the quote states, please do not judge a book by its cover! Despite it's over the top, gimmicky packaging and the fact that it has jumped on the 'cc' band wagon, this foundation is simply the best on the low end market. Let me tell you why...

But first things first, let's obliterate this notion of it being a CC cream. A 'CC' cream suggests that it would be a wishy washy coverage that simply evens out skin tone (similar to a tinted moisturiser). However, this product is far from 'wishy washy', it covers a multitude of sins but at the same time is a light texture that glides seamlessly over the skin. 

What I love most about this foundation is unlike a lot of other drugstore bases the shades are predominantly yellow toned, therefore are a closer match to the majority of skin tones. Bourjois bases on the whole are a winner for me, they all seem to have the perks of high end yet come at a margain of the price (maybe because Bourjois is owned by Chanel - who knows!). Also, another problem I find in the drugstore is that the lightest shade is not light enough (and I am not super pale by any means). However, I use the shade 'ivory' (as it is winter) and it is a perfect match.

Don't let the texture of this product have you running for the hills. It is extremely fluid, yet as soon as you work it into the skin it creates a medium-full coverage base that won't budge. Therefore it has a perfect balance - it doesn't feel heavy on the skin yet still provides a great coverage. Another great thing about this product is that it has SPF 15. Even though it's not particularly sunny yet, it's still important to protect the skin - in the summer this product will no doubt excel. 

Price wise, this Bourjois cc cream retails at £9.99, less than half the price of similar high end foundations that ultimately create the same results. Therefore, this product is an absolute winner for me and I simply urge you to try it out.

1. Great coverage
2. Light Texture
3. Perfect base to build upon
4. Unbeatable price tag

What is your favourite drugstore foundation? x

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