New Favourite Drugstore Concealer!

If concealer isn't your thing...
This is almost going to be a NEWSFLASH kind of a post. After a hard few months of on-going assignments and exams I haven't had much spare time to indulge in my beauty habit. Well, maybe the odd splurge but simply no time to freely write about it. But, now that time is over I couldn't resist writing a brief write up on my new favourite drugstore concealer...

The Maybelline - Eraser Eye Concealer

This concealer immediately struck me as a being a bit of a gimmick. I am normally totally put off by products that have built in applicators because they always end up being pretty pants and deemed as useless. However, after hearing some positive reviews online and noticing that it was sold out everywhere I went, when I managed to get my hands on the last 'light' shade in Boots I couldn't resist.

What do I love about this product? Low and behold and to my own disbelief I love the sponge applicator and the way it seamlessly applies the product. It is so soft that it works perfectly as an under eye concealer but also is wonderful for buffing the product over blemishes - a total all rounder. There is little need for blending with this product as it sinks into the skin really easily and with ease comes love!

The shade 'light' is also perfect for my specific skin tone. It is very neutral toned so not too pink and not too yellow. I am also a sucker for any natural well being benefits and this Maybelline 'Erase Eye' Concealer is infused with goji berries which act as a natural stimulator and plumper for the under eye. It also helps the product glide seamlessly over the skin without settling in any fine lines, thus no visual creases in sight!

Let's talk coverage. As you probably know, I am a med-high coverage girl through and through and this product does not disappoint in that department. It definitely offers a decent coverage and conceals everything you want it to. It is closely comparable to the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer but is (in my opinion, better!) - it does what it says on the tin.

What do I dislike about this product? It's hard to find fault with this product (as the title of this post suggests) however as always, there is always room for improvement. The shade range is pretty non-existent. There are two shades 'light' and 'nude' so if you do have a darker skin tone than an NW25, this product unfortunately will not be suitable for you.

Another thing (which is immensely nit picky) is that at first, the product is quite slow to get going. You have to slowly click and rotate the tube for quite a few clicks before the product disperses widely throughout the sponge, But, as I said, that is just me being a harsh critic/blogger.

Final word - This product has proudly replaced my other drugstore concealers and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a high coverage yet natural looking base.

What is your favourite concealer? x

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