The Skincare Product I Couldn't Live Without

As a skincare and make-up junkie I am always trying out new products that I happen to stumble across. However, there is always one that I gravitate back to and cannot imagine being absent from my skincare routine. No surprises (and you can probably tell by the black pot) that this product comes from Lush. As an avid fan (and employee) I can always rely on Lush products to bring my skin back from whatever state it is in. The fresh and organic ingredients revitalise the skin and urge you to forget the expensive chemicals that seemed a good purchase at that time.

Ultrabland !

I don't know whether I should apologise for the well-loved state of this product as it obviously has been used and abused. But, forgetting that and moving on to why this is my desert island product and why I simply couldn't live without it.

Ultrabland screams versatility. It is such a multi-purpose product that it can be used for almost anything related to your dry skin needs to inject some instant moisture back into the skin. 

It's main purpose - Ultrabland is branded as a facial cleanser and that is exactly what I use it for +(amongst other things). It's balmy texture allows you to gently smooth it across the entire face and as it works with the warmth of your skin it begins to slowly dissolve make up and any impurities you may have. Go in with a warm muslin cloth or flannel to gently remove and exfoliate and you are good to go. 

What else it can be used for - As I have previously mentioned this product can be used to moisturise any patches of dry skin that you may have. Recently I have been suffering with extremely dry lips and this has been a life saver! I just smooth a generous layer all over the lips, leave to soak in and then apply any regular lip balm over the top to lock in the moisture. 

If you're a fake tanner like myself  you will understand the difficulties of elbows and knees (sounds weird, but it's true)! Ultrabland works great at adding a barrier of moisture which helps fake tan glide across those areas without sticking to dry patches.

Ultrabland is also a great natural alternative for a tattoo healing cream. I recently got tattooed and used this throughout the healing process alongside Bepathen. It works great at moisturising the tattooed area as well as acting as a barrier against water whilst you are showering. 

Why I couldn't live without it - This is my skincare go-to. I use it daily to remove make-up as well as it being a store cupboard favourite for any use that I find fit - an almost modern and updated version of Sudocrem or Vaseline I suppose! For me, it is tried and tested and whenever my skin needs a break from harsh chemicals Ultrabland brings my skin back to a harmonious state that helps reduce blemishes, redness and overall makes my skin look much brighter and healthier!

Is there a skincare product that you couldn't live without? x

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