Three Summer Staples

It's approaching summertime (hoorah!) and alongside the sexy tanning, minimal clothing and endless amounts of flavoured cider is the refreshing welcoming of colourful and not-so-heavy make-up.

Here are three of my summer staples that will have you well on your way to a bright and beautiful summer face - just mix and match with your own products whether they be high-end or drugstore to create a staple look for the whole duration of the summer.


First things first is to sort out any problematic areas or issues with the skin and for this I choose to use a medium to full coverage concealer...

1. Clarins 'Instant Concealer' - This concealer is an all time favourite for me and works every time. It achieves both things that you would want a concealer to - brighten and cover. But, why is concealer a summer staple as a whole? In the summertime you won't want to reach for a foundation as it can feel sticky and a lot of the time is unnecessary because of your natural summer glow. Therefore a high coverage concealer is a happy medium. Perfect for under the eyes because of it's brightening properties, the Clarins concealer also covers anything you want it to. Pop it around the nose to cover redness, concentrate it on blemishes and even use it as a brow highlight!

2. Charlotte Tilbury 'Filmstar Bronze and Glow' - Summer make-up would not be complete without a bronzer. To me, bronzer completes the face. It adds an all over warmth and glow which cannot be created with a grey-toned contour. This Charlotte Tilbury compact is fab, do not get me wrong it is mightily expensive but if you wanted to invest in a 2/1 product, this one surely does the job, and does it well. The highlighter in this compact is like no other. I have tried more than a handful in the past (as it is one of my favourite make-up steps) and they often tend to give a contrasting sheen to the face. Of course, I am not a complainer of that as I am partial to a full on highlight. However, for something subtle when you're not wearing much make-up, the film star bronze and glow adds a golden glow to the face that looks like you are glowing from within - the much desired affect.

You can see that mine is truly used and abused! 
3. Soap and Glory 'Gloss Stick: Nudist' - As a true matte enthusiast is isn't easy for me to ditch them as soon as the summer rears its beautiful shiny head. But, I am also a sucker for a moisturising lip crayon and this one by Soap and Glory doesn't disappoint. Specifically, their gloss stick in 'Nudist' really does offer the perfect summer lip. Let's face it, in warmer climates a matte lip just isn't going to wear nicely throughout the day. A much more flattering and practical option is a moisturising tinted lip balm - whether that be in a pot or stick form. It offers the moisture of a lip balm, the tint of an opaque lip gloss but without the stickiness! What could be a more perfect match for natural, glowing skin?

What are your summer staples? x

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