£1 Lashes!

Warning! This is a spontaneous, unplanned post. So, apologies if it's not quite up to scratch. But, I couldn't resist letting you all know about these £1 lashes that without a doubt, do the trick.

For my Halloween outfit (that I didn't end up wearing) I purchased a pair of £1 fake eyelashes from Primark. I purchased them because I expected them to be majorly OTT and a tad offensive to be honest. However, before going on a girls night out a few days ago I found these beauties at the bottom of a crushed and unloved Primark bag.

Primark Sultry Lashes £1 (They even came with adhesive glue, which worked well)!
As expected, putting the whole line of lashes on looked ridiculous. But, being the initiative beauty blogger that I am (or that I have watched too many Jaclyn Hill videos) I came up with an alternative. I snipped off 2/3 of the lash and attached it to the outer third of my own lashes. I applied mascara before as usual, glued on the lash and applied more mascara afterwards to bind the two together. The end result was a natural outer flick with an added dose of drama - plus it created that desired feline, open-eyed look! I also recieved a handful of compliments from strangers insisting that they were my natural lashes and how long they were, which is always nice.

(Insert selfie.)

Maybe they wouldn't spring to mind on my wedding day or a special event but for a night out with the girls or date night, they are perfect! It's a yes from me, Primark.

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