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I love a bargain. My blog often features affordable beauty products that work well and what I believe to be great value for money. However, I love a fancy and indulgent product as much as the next girl.

When I had the chance to review the Diptyque Nourishing Cleansing Balm I was sceptical at first because of it's high price tag of £44. But, the second I put it on my face, the sceptic blogger that I try not to be, was gone.

Everything about this product screams luxury. It's pristine white packaging and the intricate, weighty pot that it comes in all goes towards the heavy price tag. But, when the product inside is just as good it makes it hard to be critical - everyone loves pretty products in their bathroom to add to their decor, don't they?!

It is a cleansing balm which means it comes in solid form but immediately melts into an oil when it is applied to skin. The smell of it is beautiful. Turkish delight springs to mind, but it is really the geranium oil mixed with sweet almond oil that creates a natural scent which isn't offensive and is more of a pleasure to apply.

The texture of it is what you would imagine an expensive balm to feel like. It slides beautifully on to dry skin and instantly begins to break down and dissolve make-up (it's great for when you've packed your face with an obscene amount of products)! Simply wash off with a warm flannel and you are good to go.

The benefits that I have noticed is that it leaves my skin feeling soft and supple and is a perfect first layer to build other skincare products on top of. I'm also suffering with a number of break outs at the moment and it really helps to reduce the redness that surrounds them and seems to calm them down quite a bit. It's also stated by Diptyque that you can apply a thick layer all over the face to act as a nourishing masks for tired/dull skin - I still need to try this!

If a £44 cleansing balm is in your budget, I would highly recommend this one. The packaging is a pleasure to look at, the product inside is just as good if not better and you even get a mini spatula to avoid dirtying the product inside. But, if you are on a budget maybe splash your cash on a serum or a moisturiser that is designed to sink into the skin and not to be washed off.

We all like to indulge in luxury at Christmas time and if you are a fellow skincare junkie, why not... We won't judge you, I promise.


*Gifted for review

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