12 Days of Unique Beauty

This year I was lucky enough to receive the Feel Unique '12 Days of Unique Beauty' advent calendar in the post. I thought it would be interesting to share with you what is behind each door. As it is 12 days I am going to be opening a door every other day and shall be sharing with you what I receive and what my initial reactions are.

Day 1

Mona Professional Skinacre 'Illuminating Primer' SPF 15

I was excited to see that the first gift was this illuminating primer from Monu. I've never tried anything from Monu before and I cannot wait to test this out. My skin always looks dry and not that great around Christmas time. So, I feel like this might give the lift that it needs.  

First impressions is that it is a very thick creamy consistency, very much like Liz Earle 'Cleanse and Polish' (weird comparison I know, but the texture is very similar)! When swatching it on my hand you can immediately see the glow that it would radiate underneath your make-up. Watch this space.

Day 2

The 3rd of December calls for the second product to be revealed in my 12 Days of Unique Beauty Advent Calendar. It is the Phillip Kingsley 'Elasticizer!' 

I've wanted to try this hair moisturiser for a long, long time. It seems to be a celeb favourite and is always plastered over the beauty editors all time products. It was originally created for Audrey Hepburn to cure her damaged hair through years of colouring and styling - and if it's good enough for Audrey it's good enough for me.

It is a pre-shampoo treatment that you put through damp hair, focusing on the ends and lower half of the hair to give dry hair an instant dose of moisturise, shine and bounce. If you cannot tell, I am very excited to try this product and give an in-depth review once I have formed a solid opinion. Yes hair, you can thank me now! 

Day 3

Every girl needs a hydrating day cream this winter. December 5th marks the third opening of my 12 Days of Unique Beauty advent calendar. As soon as I swatched this product on my hand I knew it would be one that I will be excited to use as my everyday moisturiser. It's a very light consistency which sinks into the skin beautifully with no oily residue. 

The scent of this product fills me with nostalgia. The geranium and rose-hip oils give it that subtle hint of rose botanicals that reminds me of old-school skincare products that mature women swear by. The brand Grown Alchemist I have come across before but have never delved into. All I am aware of is that it has a great reputation and this particular day-cream is one of their staple products. 

Not the most exciting gift so far but one that definitely won't leave my make-up/skincare stash. 

Day 4

'You can never have enough shower gels' - My wise and red-headed flat mate. 

Day 4 of the 12 Days of Unique Beauty reveals the Roger and Gallet Shower Cream. Shower gel isn't the most exciting gift to receive, but just as important nonetheless. I used this in the shower this morning to give a quick mini review and it is lovely. The scent is part of their 'Fleur de Figuier' range and I would describe it as zingy and refreshing. It has a familiar grapefruit scent but is more of an amped up version. 

The description of 'shower cream' suggests that it has a thicker and creamier consistency than shower gel. However, I would say that it feels and has the same effect as a shower oil. It is very luxurious and lathers up nicely but leaves you with an oily residue (the good kind!) that feels both refreshing and hydrating. It is a thumbs up from me!  

Day 5 

Day 5 marks a very exciting gift. The Fleur de Force Eyeshadow Quad in 'Cosmic Bronze' ! I've followed Fleur's blog and Youtube channel for years and when I heard she was coming out with a make-up range I was looking forward to getting my hands on it to give it a try. I didn't really have much of an expectation. The low price tag alongside the cheap-looking packaging underwhelmed me a little bit but as soon as I swatched the eye-shadows I was pleasantly surprised.

The eye-shadow palette contains four very wearable and everyday shades. As the name of the palette would suggest the shades all have a bronze undertone. There is an all over matte lid shadow, a crease cutter, a darker shadow to smoke it out and an inner corner highlighter - what more does a girl need? 

Make sure to let me know if you would like to see a more in-depth review and cheeky selfies with the shadows in all their glory! 

Day 6

Hello Day 6 (Dec 11th)! Behind the sixth door was this little beauty, the Phyto Subtil Elixir Shine Oil. From what I can make out it is a high-end, nourishing hair oil that retails at £24.50. The ingredients list is impressive to say the least. The star ingredients are egg yolk, corn germ, carnage and camellia oils. Egg yolk!? Yep. Egg yolk is full of protein and amino acids which help repair damaged hair and to add a bucket load of shine. 

This product isn't really for me and that's okay! I have naturally very straight and oily hair which If i used this product would turn into an oil slick. Unlike me, Megan has naturally curly and dry hair so this should work wonders for her! 

Christmas is all about giving, right? 

Day 7 

It's Sunday! What better way to spend a Sunday than to pamper yourself, am I right? Today is the 7th day of unique beauty which revealed the Redken Extreme Length Primer. It seems like an unnecessary luxury to me, a primer for your hair. However, I have heard great things and I am yet to try it. A good sign is that it is completely out of stock on feelunique.com which means it has proved to be a highly sought after product! 

Once again, this product isn't particularly suited to my hair type. It is for all you girls that dream of having longer hair and spend hours fishing your hairballs out of the shower (not a nice image, sorry!) I believe it works by strengthening the ends of your hair, so your split ends are less likely to break and stunt your hair growth. It says to use it after shampooing and before conditioning as a leave on treatment. 

Even though this product isn't best suited to my hair, I'll be sure to give it a whirl. 

Day 8 

I was thrilled to see this little gem behind door 8. A pillow spray may seem a bit boring to some, however I've been dying to try this product for a long time. The 'This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray' is as simple as it seems. It is a pillow spray that is supposed to help you sleep and encourage you to sleep much deeper than you normally would. 

It is infused with lavender, vetivert and chamomile which (from working at Lush) tells me that it is the magic concoction for sleep. These ingredients crop up again and again for their calming qualities and affects. I won't need to be using this anytime soon as university has well and truly knocked me out. However, for those nights when I need that little extra shove, I'll be turning to this cult beauty product.  

Day 9 

It's day 9 and what better way to celebrate than with a high-end skincare product thats going to kick my skin back into shape! This teeny bottle of goodness is the 'Gatineau Collagene Expert Ultimate Smoothing Serum.'  

I have never heard of this brand before and that is what I am thoroughly enjoying about the Feel Unique beauty advent calendar. I've received quite a few items that are new to me which gives me the opportunity to try out something completely new which is separated from all the blogger hype! 

My first impressions of this serum is that it is ultra lightweight and a great base for make-up. I used this after my toner and before my normal day cream. It's consistency is light and creamy, unlike a lot of serums that I dislike which predominantly feel like silicone on the skin. I'm excited to carry on using this and to report back whether or not it lives up to it's possible smoothing effects! 

Day 10 

We are nearly there! Behind door number 10 was one of the 'Popband Hairties'. A little underwhelming but nevertheless a necessity in every (or most) girl's life. The great thing about this hair tie in particular is that it is 'kinkless'. The ponytail/bun can be as tight as you need it to be and because of the material it will never leave a kink.

I have also noticed that it does't catch on your hair when you pull it out. There is nothing worse than taking out a ponytail and you are left with half your hair caught on the metal attachment! In true Christmas style, a festive glittery star is a lovely detail that would top off any hairstyle on Christmas day.

Day 11

It's the penultimate day and I am home for Christmas! Behind door 11 was this full size 'Salcura Winter Warming Hand Therapy' hand cream. This is the first product in the Feel Unique advent calendar that has been full sized and what a treat it is! 

This hand cream is thick and luxurious but isn't greasy. It sinks into the hands really quickly despite it's thick texture. As it is the winter edition I expected it to have a festive scent and it does. A warm comforting ginger scent with an undertone of vanilla bean - so Christmassy. The festive packaging is also much appreciated, it looks great on my beauty shelf!

Day 12

It is the final day and behind door 12 was my favourite gift so far, the 'Nuxe Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm'. I've wanted to give this lip balm a try for a while now as the word on the street is that it is the best and most nourishing lip balm on the market. As a beauty blogger favourite I had high hopes and I definitely wasn't disappointed. 

It is so popular that this lip balm is sold once every 28 seconds around the world. But, what is so great about it? It is definitely the most nourishing lip balm that I have ever tried. It is ultra thick and creamy and gives a lovely shine to the lips. I applied a generous amount before work in the morning and it kept my lips moisturised all day. It is a total winner in my books!

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