A Make-Up Revolution?


Current hype alert! Revolution Make-Up has been at the forefront of make-up chat in 2016 thus far. An overload of shimmery highlighters and matte eyeshadows has graced my social media and these guys are to blame. So, I couldn't help but jump on the band-wagon and give them a go myself. Come on, everyone loves a copycat!

Highlighting has been the number one craze for a good year or so now and it does not look like that craze is going to slow down, even slightly. Revolution has bucked the trend. Drugstore/cheaper highlighters (if brands even bothered to create them) were glittery, chunky and unflattering. However, since the take off of brands such as Anastasia Beverley Hills and theBalm, highlighting has become a necessity for the everyday make-up wearer. But, not everyone is willing to pay £30 for a face powder to grace the top of your cheekbones. Revolution has the answer...

Radiance Highlighter Palette 

A trio of highlighters may be too much for some, but not for many! As you can see this palette contains three unique highlighting powders. The powder on the left is a light champagne highlight that would suit a range of skin tones. The middle highlighter is one for pale girls. It's pearly undertone could look too stark on some. Finally, the bronzy highlighter on the right looks great with a tan, also as an all over lid shade.

This palette offers great quality for it's price of £8. Yes, £8! They do not look chunky on the cheeks and add a subtle highlight. There is the key word, 'subtle'. For those of you that love a heavily highlighted look (like myself) these may not be for you. However, if you love make-up and are willing to accept the balance of quality and price tag definitely give this palette a whirl.

Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette (Light) 

I've not heard much about this concealer palette through the grapevine. But, a concealer palette that can be doubled up as a contouring one is right up my street. This palette contains 8 lighter toned concealer shades, two of them being dark enough for me to use as a subtle contour. Likewise, this palette was beyond cheap - £6 to be exact.

I am concealer's toughest critic and these ones are not far off. The texture is thick but creamy, great for under the eyes as they add buckets of brightness! But, for me they do not completely cover issues you may have with your skin e.g. spots, redness etc. However, it is refreshing to find concealers from the drugstore in palette form that do not cake or chalk on the skin. I happily use these to carve out my contour, carve out my brows and to use under the eyes.

Ultra Professional Eyeshadow Flawless Matte Palette 

This palette is a stand out product for me. First things first, it is unheard of to find a completely matte eyeshadow palette on the high-street and secondly to find eyeshadows that are of this good quality. You're probably bored of hearing this but once again the price of this palette is extraordinary, £8! £8 for 32 eyeshadows.

The only palette that I own that is remotely similar to this is the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. But, I would contend that these eyeshadows marginally exceed their quality. The Naked shadows can look chalky and can be difficult to blend. Whereas, Revolution has seem to overcome this issue when it comes to mattes. Most importantly, I love the colours! Cool tones, warm tones, lights, darks, they're all covered in this palette and I feel like for any make-up lover that is an eyeshadow fiend like me, this palette cannot be overlooked.


Revolution is a brand that I would urge you to try out. They may not have caused a revolution but they're the number one imitator on the market. They have caught on to current trends and have produced them for a margin of the price. Plus, they are produced in London, which is always a nice change. I would love to know what your opinions of this brand are and if you have tried out any stand out products. Be sure to let me know.

Sold in Superdrug and online. 

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